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This site has been established to provide a resource whereby consumers in the UK can be better informed about possible scam websites and online fraud.  It comes about following the personal experience of a UK consumer in coming across an alarmingly increasing number of fraudulent websites during the course of normal Internet surfing and shopping.

The growth in online shopping, banking and general Internet usage, particularly through the 'social web', has been exponential, providing the scammers with a rich source of potential victims.  They use some very sophisticated methods to ensnare the unwary.  Find out about some of these in the Detect section.  Armed with a little knowledge and a modicum of common sense and healthy suspicion, consumers can better protect themselves.

Once you become savvy with how to spot a scam website, not only will you be able to Avoid it, you can share that newly discovered scam by visiting our Report page.  Visitors are invited to submit their own reports of dodgy scam websites for consideration of inclusion in our growing list.  Every care is taken to validate the information provided by users prior to a website being published on the list.  If you are the operator of a website listed as being a scam and you believe this to be a mistake, please contact us immediately.

If you have already become a victim of a website scam, head over to our Survive section to see what you can do to obtain redress or, at the very least, some revenge by helping to get a site closed down.